The List

Before I kick the bucket, seize to be, will be stone dead and meet my maker…

image by thesleepinsky/deviantart

image by thesleepinsky/deviantart

I had bucket lists before but they were never public and they were always full of things that were impossible to achieve. Since I started blogging, though, I’ve met so many nice and inspiring people in such a short period of time that I want to give the whole concept another try. This site was inspired by John Guillen and the owner and author of Green Tea & Peanut Butter Cups.

(I didn’t give my goals any numbers to avoid the temptation of doing them in order.)

  • Learn Tango and the Viennese Waltz
  • Get a dog
  • Publish at least one philosophical essay
  • Learn fly fishing (I already know how to spin fish, so this can’t be that hard?)
  • Re-learn French
  • Go to Goa

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  • Participate in a play
  • Read the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
  • Work in a museum (started on May 6, 2014; ended October 28, 2014)
  • Sell one of my paintings
  • Drive around Vietnam on a scooter
  • Eat mussels in Brussels
  • Read any book written by T.C. Boyle
  • Take part in an art exhibition
  • Win a prize (any prize will do, I’ve never won anything in my entire life!) Done! I’ve just won a brilliant picture from a great artist, Gergely Gyuricza, you should check him out.
  • Go to Bruges and see all the things Colin Farell had to look at In Bruges
    Went to Bruges, didn’t see all the things Colin Farell saw. But we saw the spot where he (yeah, right!) jumped into the canal for the movie.
  • Visit my aunt in Maple Valley, Seattle, Washington
  • Meet Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who (a girl’s got to dream)
  • Lose the 20 18 15 pounds of weight that I gained during my exams
  • Buy a Little Black Dress (I never had one since I’m a grown woman) (Done! Bought one last week. Well, it is an inexpensive summer dress, so no Audrey Hepburn chic – yet. But it is black and little and can be worn with or without shoulder straps.)
  • Go out and drink Martinis wearing my Little Black Dress
  • Visit the MoMa, New York
  • Learn to play the Ukulele
  • Bake a Wedding Cake for somebody I care about
  • Build an igloo
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago
  • Record a song that somebody else wrote (so no cover version of any kind) in a proper studio
  • Give a speech in front of (allegedly) important people (Done that! June 12th, it was an important meeting at work, telling important people about ‘my’ project. And it went very well, thank you.)
  • Have coffee with my doppelganger (I know I have one and she even lives nearby! I know this because my Scotsman met her twice and thought I secretly broke up with him because I (well, she) didn’t react when he called my name.)
  • Go to Vienna and eat a piece of Sachertorte in the Café of the Hotel Sacher
  • Visit the Brick Lane Gallery, London
  • Write a short story
  • Crochet a cardigan
  • Read all the books on The Shelf of Abandoned  Books
  • Participate in a baking competition
  • Have a garden (or at least a very green balcony) (Oh my, we bought so many plants and herbs – as green a balcony as possible at the moment.)
  • Sew a skirt that’s wearable
  • Get a haircut in the Salon of Udo Walz, Ku’damm, Berlin
  • St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  • Pay off my student loans (On it, three more payments to go.)
  • Make a travel book out of sketches, drawings and photographs
  • Go to Venice (if it’s during Carneval, even better)
  • Have croissants and jam in France
  • Wear a skirt for a whole week (inside the house trousers are allowed)
  • Learn rope skipping
  • Order a meal in French (Done! Easter Holiday in Nancy. We went to a taverne that was run by a proper Madame, and I ordered Le Menu Plaisir (3 courses) plus drinks in French.)
  • Bake double chocolate Rolo-filled cupcakes with coffee frosting (Insuline injection, anyone?) (Done! Baked them for the birthday picknick I had last Sunday – they were delish!)
  • Read all the Grimm’s fairytales
  • Make a delicious tomato soup from scratch (Very delicious it was)
  • See an opera and try to enjoy it
  • Tell a bad joke at the Bad Joke Festival in the Sugarclub, Darmstadt
  • Own a Trenchcoat (Bought one, and it is absolutely brilliant! So brilliant in fact, that I gave my other coats to the salvation army in exchange.)
  • Have a birthday picknick (Done! May 4, 2014)
  • Watch Breaking Bad  (Started it, couldn’t finish it. Too much violence for my taste. And yes, I’ve seen Kill Bill.)
  • One year of EDM Challenges (=365 sketches)
  • Learn how to bake Macarons Petit Fours (changed my mind…) and Eclairs
  • Buy or make a clutch (I bought one. It is purple…ehr…mauve with silver outlinings)
  • A weekend in Amsterdam
  • Go to a writing class. (Met some brilliant and funny people there. Writing is so easy but so hard…)
  • An evening in a casino.