New Perspective – #Atozchallenge

In the last few weeks and months I took a lot of different courses. Superficially seen,¬†they were useful for work – which they are, of course. But they also did something to my… Continue reading

Monkey-Killing – #Atozchallenge

I’ve always loved expressing myself in creative ways. When I was younger, some people around me were astonished by the ways I perceived the world around me; that I noticed details that they… Continue reading

Losing – #Atozchallenge

I am too done in to make up anything myself, and I think this situation makes the following lines a perfect match: One Art Elizabeth Bishop, 1911 – 1979 The art of losing… Continue reading

Joking Is No Joke these days – #Atozchallenge

A more serious topic today: Do you remember this one time when Mr. Erdogan wanted to delete Twitter? Of course, back then everybody just smiled and waved. But now a German tv show… Continue reading

Hyperuniversal – #atozchallenge

How the Scotsman explains the universe to me: “You see Orion over there, right? About three months ago it was way over there on the left. Now it’s here, and half covered by… Continue reading

Gnawing on a piggy bottom – #atozchallenge

A few weeks ago I started looking for a new job and the Scotsman started looking for a new house. Yesterday while I was at work, he sent me an internet-link to a… Continue reading

Facetiousness – #atozchallenge

Sober me who couldn’t sleep anymore just thought of a better title for last nights post (“Eloping” – because that is my favourite fantasy at the moment. The fantasy of me lying on… Continue reading

Ehh…no! – #atozchallenge

I am very late today. Well, the working me that has her shit together left the office quarter to seven. After 10 hours spent at work, trying to solve other peoples problems. Now,… Continue reading

Chaos – #atozchallenge

When I was still living with my mother, my room was the tidiest room in the apartment. Everything had its place, my wardrobe was colour coordinated and had a system that allowed me… Continue reading

Bus – #atozchallenge

When I was still living in the city, there was a bus and a tram every three to five minutes. You barely saw the same driver twice – not that I really cared… Continue reading