Anyone Can Draw – #4 Foolproof (and Cheap)

Today I am going to show you a technique that was introduced to me by a teacher. He works at a school for kids with learning disabilities and I met him at my… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #3 Start simple

Today I am going to introduce you to the wonderful Koosje Koene (see her website here). She is an illustrator and art teacher who lives in Amsterdam and she does great tutorials on youtube.… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #2 Start with a Squiggle

The Squiggle comes from a guy called Nate Padavick. He is the head behind the Doodle Theory Club.  According to Nates theory, the given abstract shape called Squiggle defeats the fear of the blank page… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #1 Start with a (Given) Doodle

I was browsing youtube the other day, watching a bit of this and that, mostly TEDx talks about writing; when I stumbled over this guy who talks about drawing, and that most people think… Continue reading

This is for you

You can colour it in, draw more, add some text – whatever you want to do with it. And of course, if you do, I would love to see your finished artwork: #zenflowers… Continue reading

My Sketchbook is online! – #SBP 2016

Ladies and Gents

How can you NOT buy this stuff? I mean, seriously, it’s penis pasta and gloves that are called Lady Garden. If you don’t want to put these into your shopping basket just now,… Continue reading


I hope after this little drawing, the monkey will finally do what it’s preaching.

Having Snow for Lunch

The Scotsman and I have been on a little 5 day holiday about two weeks ago. Immediately afterwards we both caught a cold and as soon as we got healthy again, there was… Continue reading

We are growing things!

Sorry I have been silent on here for quite a while, but I felt like I had nothing to tell you. All I did for the last couple weeks was working, eating, sleeping… Continue reading