Eleven followers already! And it’s spring time around here. Yay! So this is for you all: Advertisements

Manic Monday

Like I announced on Friday, two days a week I shall try and do a quick post. Well, guess what? Monday is the second quick-post-day. It is reserved for music, movies, modern art… Continue reading

Illustration Friday

I want to blog more regularly, but it is always quite hard for me to stick with a schedule. So I made up something that might work out in the end. Two days… Continue reading

My Top 3 Pet Hates of All Times

Since I reached my 30s, I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be in my 20s. I’m more relaxed towards my self, my body, and most importantly towards other people. Okay,… Continue reading


My mum was fifty this weekend. Yay! So I baked her a cake. This cake here: Not bad for my first attempt of decorating a cake, eh? I know the foto is shite,… Continue reading


All camels are mammals. All humans are mammals. Does that mean, some humans are camels? Logically: No. From my experience: Definitely! Here’s a camel. And it’s not your boss. Or maybe it is,… Continue reading

Did the gorilla escape again?

There are three reasons why my Scotsman goes out for a drink with his co-workers on Friday nights. Number one: A new colleague arrived in his department. Number two: An old colleague leaves… Continue reading

About a me – Or: I am so boring yet crazy, I could be a character written by Nick Hornby

About two weeks ago, I googled Nick Hornby. But instead of typing “Hornby”, I typed “Horny”. For a second I panicked, ’cause I thought any moment now there would be a list of… Continue reading