What? 30 followers? How did that happen, and why? Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for reading, commenting and sharing my waffling and ranting and silly little stories. Really, thanks, and stay awesome. Have… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – James Hance

Do you like pictures that melt different signature elements of popculture and classic art together and create something new? Yes? Then visit the site of James Hance. This man is gold. Not only… Continue reading

Three line dialogues – This joke is bigger on the inside

I’m lying in the tub, reading a book. *knock knock* Me: Who’s there? The Scotsman: The Doctor. Me: Doctor Who? And because you survived this bad joke, here is your reward: This video… Continue reading

It’s all about the story

I remember a long trip in our car when I was four. After the first hour of driving we got stuck in a traffic jam. I got bored with my colouring book after… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Tweet tweet, Mr. Erdogan

Twitter got blocked in Turkey a few days ago. To some people this might seem like a small issue. In an online news forum this morning I read a comment in the terms… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Ali Baghban

This week’s Illustration Friday is dedicated to a friend of my mum who is an artist. His name is Ali Baghban, and lots of tiny little and some bigger steps brought him into… Continue reading

Three line dialogues – Making the Scotsman laugh

Me: What do you fancy for tea? The Scotsman (opening the fridge): Eh…I tell you what I want. What I really really want. Me: A zigazig-ha?

Self-Esteem – Better late than never

Today I want to write about a topic that is somewhat painful but full of joy at the same time. Painful because there are some memories involved that I would like to forget… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Good Omens

So, my Scotsman loves reading Terry Pratchett (and Douglas Adams, but that’s a story for another time). Every time he’s trying to convince me to read a Pratchett book, I say to him… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Who am I?

This is a perfect illustration of the identitiy crises that I sometimes go through. At the moment it fits because I’m looking for a new job, something that I really want to do.… Continue reading