Legal things

I don’t like this part but hey, there are certain laws and guide lines, so here we go:

The articles posted here are written by me, unless it says otherwise. The photos/images that don’t have any credits are made by me or are purchased. When you reblog any post, I can see this, so that’s not an issue. If you want to use any parts of the articles (may it be text or image) published here without reblogging (i.e. quoting), please give me credit when you’ve done it or, even better: ask me first. I will answer you, as at the moment I’m not really busy. Well, I am busy but not too busy to reply to your question(s). You might be the one who makes me famous in the end. And now imagine I don’t answer to your request, then what would I do? 😀

And because we are already at it, I want to point out that I cannot be held responsible for the contents of any sites I or anybody else in the comment section link to.

And last but not least: If I accidentally forgot to give credit to anybody (or anything) that I quoted or have taken a picture of, please contact me, and we’ll make it right immediately. Thank you very much, here’s nothing more to see. So, move on!