Knock Knock/About

I studied philosophy and now I’m asking myself what I’m supposed to do with all that. See, my actual plan was to get famous, for anything really. Or at least make scary masks for a living someday. Then I found out that life gives a shit about what I want, and I challenged myself to finding out why and what’s the sense of it all. So I ended up in philosophy. Nah, that’s rubbish, of course. Studying philosophy is just an excellent excuse to drink lots of red wine. See, Mum, I have my reasons, it’s in the job description!

I’m a German girl, my partner is Scottish. So this blog will not only be in English (some things just don’t translate, do they?) but it will also be full of political incorrectness, stereotypes and nasty words. And references to Winnie-the-Pooh. This is inevitable.

I hope this blog will inspire you, make you think and maybe even sometimes revisit your own opinion and get a fresh view on things. Have fun!