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Don’t read any success stories…or read loads of them!

Most of us are brought up with the idea that you can have success* if you just work hard enough. Or if you follow some kind of recipe, as if success can be… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #3 Start simple

Today I am going to introduce you to the wonderful Koosje Koene (see her website here). She is an illustrator and art teacher who lives in Amsterdam and she does great tutorials on youtube.… Continue reading

Yes – #Atozchallenge

Flashback: When I was little, I always loved trying new things. It’s an easy and natural way of learning, right? After my parents split up and I had to stay with my mum, the… Continue reading

Randomly Ridiculous – #Atozchallenge

At first I had the idea of naming this post “Rufnummernerkennung” which means caller ID in English. It’s a brilliant word, isn’t it? It’s one of those words that make the Scotsman go… Continue reading

New Perspective – #Atozchallenge

In the last few weeks and months I took a lot of different courses. Superficially seen, they were useful for work – which they are, of course. But they also did something to my… Continue reading

Angst – #atozchallenge

A month ago: A pep talk for my colleague . “You are going to be fine. You can do this.” “But what if they are going to laugh at me because I talk… Continue reading

Oblivious Me

I work with handicapped people, young people. Some of them are still kids, some of them are mid-teens, some are young adults. None of them younger than 13, none of them older than… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Teaching English

About ten days ago, I started teaching English. When I got the call , I was like ‘Yeah, I know how to teach grammar from all the German lessons I used to give.… Continue reading

I’m Back! (The Illustration Friday without an illustration)

Good day, my subjects! Wait…wrong blog…oops! Hello, my darlings, 10 days are over and I thought we might continue this blogging thing. My cold is gone, the taxes are filed and my laundry… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Taking a break

Hello, dearest people who apparently read the stuff I post. The first week at the museum is over, and I’ve met so many new people and am out of the house for almost… Continue reading