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Having Snow for Lunch

The Scotsman and I have been on a little 5 day holiday about two weeks ago. Immediately afterwards we both caught a cold and as soon as we got healthy again, there was… Continue reading

Tomatoes – #Atozchallenge

I didn’t do my T-post yesterday because I was so busy cleaning the house and planning our evening. But because I am trying to be a good girl here it comes, better late… Continue reading

This ship has sailed

Who are you, then?

Bruges – Venice of the North

A while ago now, the Scotsman and I had a short holiday in Bruges…Brugge…Brügge. You know, the city with all the canals that is not Venice. It was magnifique! We ate and bought… Continue reading

Hello! Hallo! Dobrý den! Welcome to Prague!

You know how they say New York is the city that never sleeps? Well, New York has a twin: Prague! In our second night in the city, I woke up because there was… Continue reading

Long time no see

Oops! I missed out on Illustration Friday and Manic Monday. Sorry about that but the Scotsman took me on a spontaneous trip to his home country. I spent a weekend in Scotland! Woohoo!… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Fifty Edition

Crazy Bitch Lady next to me on the tram. Forces me to get up while going full speed. Already told her the next stop was mine, too. She doesn’t bother, forces us both… Continue reading

The Power of Walking – This is not a post about working out.

The Scotsman and I spent our Easter Holidays in Nancy, France. As soon as we got out of the car, I realized something: The women looked entirely different from the women at home.… Continue reading