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I Never Argue on the Internet but I Like to Shut People Up

In my opinion, arguing in the virtual world is a waste of time and energy. I like having a bit of a fruitful discussion once in a while because I like learning from… Continue reading

New Blog and Blog Pause!

Hello my dear Sausages! In the last few days I realised that at the moment I have very little to say, which is for the most part caused by the fact that I… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Paint

Let the word “paint” be my madelaine and tea, a flood of memories coming towards me, waves of emotions carried by five little letters. Paint, that’s the smell of my new room in… Continue reading

Don’t read any success stories…or read loads of them!

Most of us are brought up with the idea that you can have success* if you just work hard enough. Or if you follow some kind of recipe, as if success can be… Continue reading

Yes – #Atozchallenge

Flashback: When I was little, I always loved trying new things. It’s an easy and natural way of learning, right? After my parents split up and I had to stay with my mum, the… Continue reading

Viva Ma Childhood (TV)! – #Atozchallenge

Today at work during a coffee break, we got to talk about oldschool vs. modern childrens tv. We kind of agreed that todays tv shows for kids – especially the cartoons – lacked… Continue reading

Statements of the Narrow Minded – #Atozchallenge

I’ve been dealing with people for quite a while now but they still surprise me. The following are real statements of real people, and sometimes they make me wonder why I know these people in… Continue reading

Pineapple – #Atozchallenge

Until a few years ago, I was allergic to fresh pineapple. Not like going into anaphylactic shock allergic but my tongue was very sensitive toward the bromelain, I suppose. So everytime I ate… Continue reading

New Perspective – #Atozchallenge

In the last few weeks and months I took a lot of different courses. Superficially seen, they were useful for work – which they are, of course. But they also did something to my… Continue reading

Facetiousness – #atozchallenge

Sober me who couldn’t sleep anymore just thought of a better title for last nights post (“Eloping” – because that is my favourite fantasy at the moment. The fantasy of me lying on… Continue reading