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A short short list of philosophical books that are not specifically about philosophy

Romulus, my father by Raimond Gaita: What is friendship? What is the difference between character and personality? What is home? The Music of Chance by Paul Auster: Are you fully responsible for the… Continue reading

Here we go again, philosophy – Socratic Questioning

A while ago (there’s an understatement for you), I started writing about philosophy and how you can get into the whole field of doing philosophy when you’re not studying the subject. Today, we… Continue reading

The Count of Monte Christo – Shelf of Abandoned Books

I finished reading this one a few weeks ago but I couldn’t find the time to write my very own, invalid opinion about it. As you probably noticed, I didn’t find time to… Continue reading

A Philosophical Headstart

A colleague of mine started reading a little booklet called Kant for Amusement. “And”, I asked, “is it actually amusing you?” He gave a grunting noise and asked me, if I hadn’t by… Continue reading

Philosophy, mon amour!

From my experience, different people study philosophy for different reasons. Or they start studying philosophy for one reason but end up discovering that they were after something entirely different the whole time. What… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – I guess we’ve all been there at some point