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Anyone Can Draw – #1 Start with a (Given) Doodle

I was browsing youtube the other day, watching a bit of this and that, mostly TEDx talks about writing; when I stumbled over this guy who talks about drawing, and that most people think… Continue reading

Statements of the Narrow Minded – #Atozchallenge

I’ve been dealing with people for quite a while now but they still surprise me. The following are real statements of real people, and sometimes they make me wonder why I know these people in… Continue reading

Randomly Ridiculous – #Atozchallenge

At first I had the idea of naming this post “Rufnummernerkennung” which means caller ID in English. It’s a brilliant word, isn’t it? It’s one of those words that make the Scotsman go… Continue reading

Questions from a Bipolar Mother to Her Daughter – #Atozchallenge

down: Am I a bad mother? Am I a bad mother because I didn’t buy yoghurt? Tell me. Tell me I am a bad mother. I want to know the truth! down: Why… Continue reading

Hyperuniversal – #atozchallenge

How the Scotsman explains the universe to me: “You see Orion over there, right? About three months ago it was way over there on the left. Now it’s here, and half covered by… Continue reading

Gnawing on a piggy bottom – #atozchallenge

A few weeks ago I started looking for a new job and the Scotsman started looking for a new house. Yesterday while I was at work, he sent me an internet-link to a… Continue reading

Three Line Dialogues – OCD

Me: I have to get up one more time and put my laptop back on the table, before the papers underneath it catch fire and we burn the house down. The Scotsman: So,… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Teaching English

About ten days ago, I started teaching English. When I got the call , I was like ‘Yeah, I know how to teach grammar from all the German lessons I used to give.… Continue reading

Jokes the Scotsman likes to tell aka Worst Jokes ever #2

What’s brown and sticky? – A stick. What is black and white and eats like a horse? – A zebra. What does a Buddhist say to a hen? Hey, ma laya!   A… Continue reading

Three Line Dialogues – Epiphany

Me: You know, when some motivational speaker person says ‘Never dress for the job you have but for the job you want’? The Scotsman: So? Me: Well, I just thought: What to wear,… Continue reading