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I am early this time!

Four days ago, my sketchbook for the Sketchbookproject 2017 arrived! And of course I immediately started working on it. First of all,¬†I completely took it apart, cut all the sheets in half and… Continue reading

Drawing, Sketching, Gluing, Painting – aaaah!

My Sketchbookproject 2016 is in the making. The more I already made, the more ideas I get, so I even started adding pages to fit it all in. The creative curse has taken… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – In the Rain

Because you said you loved me, I’m scared to walk in the rain. Because you said I was precious to you, I’m afraid to rust in the rain. Because you call me ‘Sugar’,… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Money Muncher

Beware the Money Muncher! The mighty Currency¬†cruncher. His sense of smell is excellent, So he detects your greed from miles. He’s working for the government And is a corporate spy.

Easy Art

I found a new way of relaxing whilst being productive. When I was still sharing a house with three other people, I just used to cook and bake a lot because everything I… Continue reading