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Don’t read any success stories…or read loads of them!

Most of us are brought up with the idea that you can have success* if you just work hard enough. Or if you follow some kind of recipe, as if success can be… Continue reading

Joking Is No Joke these days – #Atozchallenge

A more serious topic today: Do you remember this one time when Mr. Erdogan wanted to delete Twitter? Of course, back then everybody just smiled and waved. But now a German tv show… Continue reading

The best kind of poetry

The other day, the Scotsman and I were reading poems to each other while lying in bed. But for everybody who knows us it is clear that we never read sophisticated stuff at… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part Two

I thought about this question that I’ve asked about a month ago. Why are people who read a lot more attractive than people who don’t? My personal answer to this is, they are… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part One

There is a question that has been on my mind quite a while now. Why is it that people who read a lot seem to be more attractive than people who don’t? Or… Continue reading

A short short list of philosophical books that are not specifically about philosophy

Romulus, my father by Raimond Gaita: What is friendship? What is the difference between character and personality? What is home? The Music of Chance by Paul Auster: Are you fully responsible for the… Continue reading

Going Public

So, the Scotsman and I moved to a new town. For the job, of course. Well, for my job to be exact. My days as a freelance are over (for now) and I… Continue reading

The Count of Monte Christo – Shelf of Abandoned Books

I finished reading this one a few weeks ago but I couldn’t find the time to write my very own, invalid opinion about it. As you probably noticed, I didn’t find time to… Continue reading

Persuasion – Shelf of Abandoned Books

I’m going to be honest, it was a tough read. I never needed that long to finish a book. It’s been a month(!) since I started reading Persuasion. But I did it, I… Continue reading

Manic Monday – How to disturb your children deeply and irreversibly

Why? Just…why? Oh, and: I kind of want to start collecting these, just because.   Credits: #1 and #2 found at – full link here. Check out the full list there, the… Continue reading