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Having Snow for Lunch

The Scotsman and I have been on a little 5 day holiday about two weeks ago. Immediately afterwards we both caught a cold and as soon as we got healthy again, there was… Continue reading

Oy vey, it’s Owls! – #Atozchallenge

The Scotsman claims our flat was under siege. I told him not to be ridiculous. He said he wasn’t, and that the display of owls was getting slightly out of hand. I tried to… Continue reading

A quick look back

…and a glimpse into the future. For the Scotsman and me, 2015 has been a very short year. We moved house, he got a new job and bought a car, I got promoted.… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Blue Goodbye

Impressions of a Sunday Walk

It is way too warm for November, still…

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

This ship has sailed

Who are you, then?