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Chaos – #atozchallenge

When I was still living with my mother, my room was the tidiest room in the apartment. Everything had its place, my wardrobe was colour coordinated and had a system that allowed me… Continue reading

Drawing, Sketching, Gluing, Painting – aaaah!

My Sketchbookproject 2016 is in the making. The more I already made, the more ideas I get, so I even started adding pages to fit it all in. The creative curse has taken… Continue reading

125! Why?

125 people are actually subscribed to this blog. Why? How? How many of you are actually following this nonsense of mine, I mean, come on…and how many of you just subscribed so I… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Staying Alive

We haven’t had a Manic Monday post in ages. This is simply because I haven’t had the time to scout the interwebs for some mad and mental stuff. And the only manic things… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Two in One

We haven’t had a Manic Monday in a long time, so today there are two crazy-sad things I want to share with you: #1: There is a children’s book that explains why some… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Teaching English

About ten days ago, I started teaching English. When I got the call , I was like ‘Yeah, I know how to teach grammar from all the German lessons I used to give.… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Heavy Embroidery

I am no fan of Heavy Metal. But this thing is so cuckoo that I have to mention it on a Manic Monday post. This heavy metal band called THRONE had the complete… Continue reading

Manic Monday – How to disturb your children deeply and irreversibly

Why? Just…why? Oh, and: I kind of want to start collecting these, just because.   Credits: #1 and #2 found at – full link here. Check out the full list there, the… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Fifty Edition

Crazy Bitch Lady next to me on the tram. Forces me to get up while going full speed. Already told her the next stop was mine, too. She doesn’t bother, forces us both… Continue reading

Manic Monday – Taking a break

Hello, dearest people who apparently read the stuff I post. The first week at the museum is over, and I’ve met so many new people and am out of the house for almost… Continue reading