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This is for you

You can colour it in, draw more, add some text – whatever you want to do with it. And of course, if you do, I would love to see your finished artwork: #zenflowers… Continue reading

My Sketchbook is online! – #SBP 2016  

Illustration Friday – Raymond Honeyman

Todays post is about a former colleague and friend of my Scotsman. Raymond Honeyman is, according to the Scotsman, the walking definition of a gentleman. Plus, he has one of the best jobs… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – GYURICZA GERGELY reloaded

I’ve already featured Gyuricza Gergely on this blog some time ago. But there is a reason why I am posting about him again. I have won one of his paintings! Yay! And you can, too.… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Clementine

Illustration Friday – Before and After

Sketchbookproject 2016 edition: After not doing the SBP 2014 and 2015, I enrolled in this year’s Sketchbookproject. And although I haven’t received my book yet, I already started working on it. How, you… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – In the Rain

Because you said you loved me, I’m scared to walk in the rain. Because you said I was precious to you, I’m afraid to rust in the rain. Because you call me ‘Sugar’,… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Money Muncher

Beware the Money Muncher! The mighty Currency cruncher. His sense of smell is excellent, So he detects your greed from miles. He’s working for the government And is a corporate spy.

Illustration Friday – Bragging

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” ― Mark Twain

Illustration Friday on a Thursday – a message for the world.

I never shared a blog post before, but this one I just had to share. Credit is due to the wonderfully thoughtful ksbeth with her inspiring blog I didn’t have my glasses on.… Continue reading