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Low Budget – Last Minute – Christmas Decorations, including a quite long explanation why I do what I do

I grew up in a house that was crammed with Christmas decorations from the first of December until mid-January. The tree went all the way up to the ceiling and was so overloaded… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #4 Foolproof (and Cheap)

Today I am going to show you a technique that was introduced to me by a teacher. He works at a school for kids with learning disabilities and I met him at my… Continue reading

My Sketchbook is online! – #SBP 2016  

We are growing things!

Sorry I have been silent on here for quite a while, but I felt like I had nothing to tell you. All I did for the last couple weeks was working, eating, sleeping… Continue reading

Zen – #Atozchallenge

It is time to go on a little vacation, so I don’t have a long post prepared for the last day of my first A to Z Challenge. I just want to share… Continue reading

Drawing, Sketching, Gluing, Painting – aaaah!

My Sketchbookproject 2016 is in the making. The more I already made, the more ideas I get, so I even started adding pages to fit it all in. The creative curse has taken… Continue reading

Who wants Art on a Card?

Hello, mighty followers! I had an idea for Valentine’s Day! Who wants to have a postcard with a fantasy flower on it for FREE?! As you can see, there is enough blank space… Continue reading

No Money, No Art?

One of the first things one of my better art teachers taught me was that you don’t need the most expensive supplies to make good art: “You know, I see these kids come… Continue reading

I’m making presents! (Part Two)

Look at my cookie bags!   Look at my chocolate on a stick!   Look! Look what I made. I’m in a Christmas present frenzy…

I’m making presents! (Part One)

This is my first pre-Christmas with money AND time on my hands to get serious, picked-with-love Christmas presents for the people I luurrrrve. And trust me, my beloved people who are reading my nonsense, I DID spend… Continue reading