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Anyone Can Draw – #1 Start with a (Given) Doodle

I was browsing youtube the other day, watching a bit of this and that, mostly TEDx talks about writing; when I stumbled over this guy who talks about drawing,¬†and that most people think… Continue reading

Losing – #Atozchallenge

I am too done in to make up anything myself, and I think this situation makes the following lines a perfect match: One Art Elizabeth Bishop, 1911 – 1979 The art of losing… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part Two

I thought about this question that I’ve asked about a month ago. Why are people who read a lot more attractive than people who don’t? My personal answer to this is, they are… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part One

There is a question that has been on my mind quite a while now. Why is it that people who read a lot seem to be more attractive than people who don’t? Or… Continue reading

Illustration Friday on a Thursday – a message for the world.

I never shared a blog post before, but this one I just had to share. Credit is due to the wonderfully thoughtful ksbeth with her inspiring blog I didn’t have my glasses on.… Continue reading

Manic Monday – My favourite Maniac is Mad Madam Mim

Why is she my favourite? Because she is so charming in her evil. Because together with Merlin she gave us the greatest magic duel in movie history. (Forget Harry Potter, kids.) Because she… Continue reading

Can I just say…? #3

Can I just say that this is an accurate description of every mum I’ve ever met?

Can I just say…? #2

Can I just say, that swearing is a refreshlingly honest way to express your feelings? But listen to the master, he explains the joy of nasty words in the most charming way: