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New Blog and Blog Pause!

Hello my dear Sausages! In the last few days I realised that at the moment I have very little to say, which is for the most part caused by the fact that I… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #1 Start with a (Given) Doodle

I was browsing youtube the other day, watching a bit of this and that, mostly TEDx talks about writing; when I stumbled over this guy who talks about drawing,¬†and that most people think… Continue reading

Healthy? I’m not.

I have a bad cold. Like, a really bad cold. A “this happens to me once a year, if even”-cold. *cough cough* The Scotsman made me soup and allowed me to stay in… Continue reading

Pineapple – #Atozchallenge

Until a few years ago, I was allergic to fresh pineapple. Not like going into anaphylactic shock allergic but my tongue was very sensitive toward the bromelain, I suppose. So everytime I ate… Continue reading

Losing – #Atozchallenge

I am too done in to make up anything myself, and I think this situation makes the following lines a perfect match: One Art Elizabeth Bishop, 1911 – 1979 The art of losing… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part Two

I thought about this question that I’ve asked about a month ago. Why are people who read a lot more attractive than people who don’t? My personal answer to this is, they are… Continue reading

Oblivious Me

I work with handicapped people, young people. Some of them are still kids, some of them are mid-teens, some are young adults. None of them younger than 13, none of them older than… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part One

There is a question that has been on my mind quite a while now. Why is it that people who read a lot seem to be more attractive than people who don’t? Or… Continue reading

Illustration Friday on a Thursday – a message for the world.

I never shared a blog post before, but this one I just had to share. Credit is due to the wonderfully thoughtful ksbeth with her inspiring blog I didn’t have my glasses on.… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Happy New Year!

There is a bridge on the other side, even though you might not see it…