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Don’t read any success stories…or read loads of them!

Most of us are brought up with the idea that you can have success* if you just work hard enough. Or if you follow some kind of recipe, as if success can be… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #1 Start with a (Given) Doodle

I was browsing youtube the other day, watching a bit of this and that, mostly TEDx talks about writing; when I stumbled over this guy who talks about drawing, and that most people think… Continue reading

Statements of the Narrow Minded – #Atozchallenge

I’ve been dealing with people for quite a while now but they still surprise me. The following are real statements of real people, and sometimes they make me wonder why I know these people in… Continue reading

Hyperuniversal – #atozchallenge

How the Scotsman explains the universe to me: “You see Orion over there, right? About three months ago it was way over there on the left. Now it’s here, and half covered by… Continue reading

Gnawing on a piggy bottom – #atozchallenge

A few weeks ago I started looking for a new job and the Scotsman started looking for a new house. Yesterday while I was at work, he sent me an internet-link to a… Continue reading

The best kind of poetry

The other day, the Scotsman and I were reading poems to each other while lying in bed. But for everybody who knows us it is clear that we never read sophisticated stuff at… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part Two

I thought about this question that I’ve asked about a month ago. Why are people who read a lot more attractive than people who don’t? My personal answer to this is, they are… Continue reading

A Day in Smells

Morning: Warm armpits Lemongrass shower gel Freshly brewed coffee, strong and black at first, then milky Buttered toast Perfume smelling like luck in a bottle Work: Dust on old files Alcohol in the… Continue reading

Dating and Books – Part One

There is a question that has been on my mind quite a while now. Why is it that people who read a lot seem to be more attractive than people who don’t? Or… Continue reading

Illustration Friday on a Thursday – a message for the world.

I never shared a blog post before, but this one I just had to share. Credit is due to the wonderfully thoughtful ksbeth with her inspiring blog I didn’t have my glasses on.… Continue reading