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Daily Prompt: Paint

Let the word “paint” be my madelaine and tea, a flood of memories coming towards me, waves of emotions carried by five little letters. Paint, that’s the smell of my new room in… Continue reading

This is for you

You can colour it in, draw more, add some text – whatever you want to do with it. And of course, if you do, I would love to see your finished artwork: #zenflowers… Continue reading

Having Snow for Lunch

The Scotsman and I have been on a little 5 day holiday about two weeks ago. Immediately afterwards we both caught a cold and as soon as we got healthy again, there was… Continue reading

We are growing things!

Sorry I have been silent on here for quite a while, but I felt like I had nothing to tell you. All I did for the last couple weeks was working, eating, sleeping… Continue reading

Tomatoes – #Atozchallenge

I didn’t do my T-post yesterday because I was so busy cleaning the house and planning our evening. But because I am trying to be a good girl here it comes, better late… Continue reading

Oy vey, it’s Owls! – #Atozchallenge

The Scotsman claims our flat was under siege. I told him not to be ridiculous. He said he wasn’t, and that the display of owls was getting slightly out of hand. I tried to… Continue reading

Losing – #Atozchallenge

I am too done in to make up anything myself, and I think this situation makes the following lines a perfect match: One Art Elizabeth Bishop, 1911 – 1979 The art of losing… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Raymond Honeyman

Todays post is about a former colleague and friend of my Scotsman. Raymond Honeyman is, according to the Scotsman, the walking definition of a gentleman. Plus, he has one of the best jobs… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – GYURICZA GERGELY reloaded

I’ve already featured Gyuricza Gergely on this blog some time ago. But there is a reason why I am posting about him again. I have won one of his paintings! Yay! And you can, too.… Continue reading

Beautiful Stories Behind Beautiful Songs – Lorenzo by Phil Collins

When I was a teenager, my mother bought the album Dance Into The Light by Phil Collins. On this album was a song called Lorenzo, which she played over and over. She loved… Continue reading