New Blog and Blog Pause!

Hello my dear Sausages! In the last few days I realised that at the moment I have very little to say, which is for the most part caused by the fact that I have next to no social life. All the Scotsman and I do at the moment is going to work, eating, keeping the home clean and sleeping. I am trying to change that, we are trying to change that. And since I don’t want to write any more rants about my job, at least not before I resign, I am going to give this blog here a break until I have something to write about.

But at the moment zip is happening and all I can think about is making art. Seriously, all these political issues, terrorist attacks and amok runs, made me feel like I had to create my own little cocoon to not get mad and desperate. I had three weeks of free time and I went nowhere! Why? My original plan was doing a one week train trip from Frankfurt to Munich to Vienna to Budapest. Guess what? Big gun shooting in Munich, and I thought again. So, the alternative route was Frankfurt, Cologne, Zurich, Nice. Guess what? A madman ran over 80 people with a truck in Nice. Then I thought that’s IT! I am not going to travel anywhere. I stayed home, drank lots of Kir and made drawings and paintings and more dr20160801_152329awings, of nice things, ordinary things, pretty and calming things to not go crazy. And that is how my new blog Mincas Tam Tam came to life. It is a blog space created only to display my artwork and my journey as an amateur artist.

So, anyone of you who is more interested in my drawings or art-related posts than in my “normalwriting” anyways, can follow me there. For all the others, here will be a break, I cannot say yet for how long, it might only last a couple weeks, it might last a month or more. But I wanted to thank you all for following me up until now, I never would have thought that just one single person would be interested in the random things I’ve posted here whatsoever – no theme, no line, no anything, and yet 177 people clicked “follow that crazy chick”. So, thank you, and I hope to see you again when I’ll be back. *smooch*