Anyone Can Draw – #3 Start simple

Today I am going to introduce you to the wonderful Koosje Koene (see her website here). She is an illustrator and art teacher who lives in Amsterdam and she does great tutorials on youtube.

Every Tuesday she shares her talent, ideas and experience in a very approachable way. If you always wanted to do something creative but you don’t really know how to start or you don’t want to spend hundreds of monies in the art supply store, I am pretty sure that Koosje has a tip for you. Her ideas reach from fingerprint-doodles to stamping with cut-pup radishes. Just look for “Draw Tip Tuesday” on youtube or click here to be inspired.

Here is a little something I made, guided by one of her videos (see here):


Not hard to do, just some watercolour and a pattern.

Koosje also is the co-founder of and a teacher at Sketchbook Skool, an online art “school” that will really improve your style and build your confidence in art making. If you don’t want to enroll (yet), you can follow the blog or youtube channel, because they post freebies, i.e. tutorials and assignment videos that will guide you in becoming your best self as an artist.

Just try it out because you too can do art!