Anyone Can Draw – #2 Start with a Squiggle

The Squiggle comes from a guy called Nate Padavick. He is the head behind the Doodle Theory Club.  According to Nates theory, the given abstract shape called Squiggle defeats the fear of the blank page so many (aspiring) artists suffer from.

Does this sound familiar to you: “I want to draw something awesome but I don’t know where to start.” – “I have no idea where to put the first line, I might mess up.” Then the Squiggle is your jumpstarter. And it’s highly addictive (see what I’ve done below). You can do very rough doodles with them or really elaborate drawings and even little paintings. You can see most wonderful examples on Nates facebook page [click here or look for “Doodle Theory Club” on facebook], where Nate is also giving you a different Squiggle everyday to get you into the habit of drawing more.

At the moment he has a contest going on where you can win a whole package of artsy stuff, like his book, which is a doodle pad in the most magnificent sense of the word, and some really good quality pencils to make your artwork even more awesome. Contest closes on August 10th! So get them pens out and do some doodlin’!

You too can do art!