Having Snow for Lunch

The Scotsman and I have been on a little 5 day holiday about two weeks ago. Immediately afterwards we both caught a cold and as soon as we got healthy again, there was a lot of work to catch up with, so I didn’t get round to tell you all about it.

We went to Oberstdorf which is a little skiing, skijumping and biathlon resort at the bottom of the Alps on the German (which in this case actually does mean Bavarian) side. When we arrived it was foggy and drizzling, so we were completely oblivious of the fact that we passed one of the most impressive panoramas on the planet. But on the way back it was sunny, which means we were able to see the whole mountain range in our rearview mirrors. Our hearts almost stopped it was so magnificent.

On our second day, we climbed up an alleged hill, and because it still was foggy we couldn’t see very far. Good for us, because if we had seen what we were doing, we never would’ve gotten as far as we did. The day after, when the sky was clear and we actually could see what we’ve done, we were close to a  backlash-heart attack. As it turned out, we accidently had climbed up one of the steepest mountains for 1.800 meters until we had reached the snowline, had had a handful of the freshest snow you can imagine for lunch and climbed back down.

One evening, we met some fun people, two elderly women and a gentleman friend of theirs, at the bar who ordered cocktails with no limits. One of the ladies got tipsy real quick and kept shouting out their room number to the bartender, so he could put the drinks on the room. Her friend tried to quiet her down by shushing her because she was scared that somebody would take advantage of knowing their room number. It didn’t work. And because the Scotsman and I are nice people, we tried to help by jokingly yelling over to the bar “Dimitri, get us a bottle of your finest champagne on room 305, will you?” That was the moment when the tipsy lady woke up and realized what her friend wanted to tell her all along and panickly yelled “Cancel that, Dimitri, cancel that for God’s sake!” Mission accomplished.