Zen – #Atozchallenge

It is time to go on a little vacation, so I don’t have a long post prepared for the last day of my first A to Z Challenge.

I just want to share something that I do for myself to calm me down whenever I feel stressed out or overwhelmed.

Here it is, my own index card – Zen Garden, made out of ink and pen.


As for the challenge itself, it was quite the fun experience, but I think I’ve written lots of posts that I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for the challenge; so some of them felt quite forced to me. On the other hand, I was glad being challenged to write at least something everyday. I didn’t even have time to think wether the texts and thoughts were good or elaborate enough for getting published. I just wrote them down, and that’s that.

Thank you to everyone who followed me for this month! It would be nice, if you stuck around or at least came by from time to time. Ciao for now, and read you soon. 🙂