Yes – #Atozchallenge

Flashback: When I was little, I always loved trying new things. It’s an easy and natural way of learning, right? After my parents split up and I had to stay with my mum, the natural habit of saying ‘yes’ to new stuff was soon cut down by my mothers’ monkey, sitting on her shoulder, telling me I was too carefree and happy (how could I be so perky with all the evil in the world going on); who then over the years became my monkey; you know, that nagging voice that whispers into your ear “You can’t do it…What are the people going to think?…Told ya! Told ya!…Not good enough…” I am paying the price for my mother feeding her monkey all day long, year in year out, to this day. But nonetheless I am saying ‘yes’ again. Because saying ‘yes’ shuts up the monkey. Saying ‘yes’ gives me wonderful experiences, which are pretty, scary, painful, full of pride, funny, lovely, loud and shiny. But never boring and never without growth. ‘Yes’ makes your life richer  and your heart wider. Yes, yes, yes and some cream on top, please!