Viva Ma Childhood (TV)! – #Atozchallenge

Today at work during a coffee break, we got to talk about oldschool vs. modern childrens tv. We kind of agreed that todays tv shows for kids – especially the cartoons – lacked a certain charm and that they were too unnerving and loud and chaotic. I , being the media educator that I am, admitted that this is probably just our grown-up, nostalgic point of view and that since technology has moved on, the perception of kids has as well. And that we also watched a load of crap in the 80s.

But then my younger colleague said something really interesting. He mentioned that according to field research even children today prefer the oldschool tv shows that we have already been watching when we were kids. Which is kind of logical, because newborn kids don’t come with a profoundly different set of perceptive organs than they have been coming with about 20 years ago. So, why wouldn’t speak old formats to them, as long as they haven’t been confronted with all that 3d crapola in their early years.

So, here is the question: When young kids these days are captivated by old fashioned cartoons just as well as we were, why did the producers switch those nice, charming characters with those lifeless, too perfectly polished figurines that appear on the tv screen these days? Probably they thought they had to make them more modern? Keeping up with Pixar and Co.?

I don’t know the answer, if there even is one, I just know that I prefer this:


over this:

What do you think?