Tomatoes – #Atozchallenge

I didn’t do my T-post yesterday because I was so busy cleaning the house and planning our evening. But because I am trying to be a good girl here it comes, better late than never. You know the rules: You get sundays off only for good behaviour, i.e. posting a letter every day from monday to saturday…so that was that.

This post has nothing to do with tomatoes. Ha! You fell into my Heffalump trap.

Last night, the Scotsman and I were in Frankfurt for The Night of The Museums. It is an annual event where you can visit up to 40 different museums, big or small, popular or insider tips, in the city center or in the outskirts. There are shuttle busses and one shuttle ship, because the museums are on both sides of the river Main. But of course there is not only the normal exhibitions going on. There is food and drinks, mostly matching the theme of the museum, for example the museum of world culture has exotic finger food; the museum of German history serves traditional stews and sausages etc. And along the streets are bretzel vendors who sell giant bretzels either covered in cheese or smothered in bitter chocolate…delicious!

Every museum also offers different activities or shows during that night. The Museum for Communication had an 80s party going on (yes, they basically played the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing and every John Hughes movie there ever was – we were there; at the party, I mean, not the Hughes movies.)

The Scotsman and I first went to the Städel Museum, which displays fine art from the 15th to the 21st century. It is usually our first because it displays so many paintings, sculptures and installations that you never can see them all in a lifetime. Being there showed me once again how little I apparently understand of art, because loads of people were gathered around a big, square canvas that was covered entirely in black paint and there was an employee of the museum who actually explained the painting to the crowd. We just shook our heads and walked past, grinning at each other. What a couple of Kretins we are.

Oh, and I took this picture of a bunch of painted tomatoes. Plot twist, kaboom!


Karl Horst Hödicke, Holland Hd. Kl. A, 1964, picture taken in the Städel Museum Frankfurt