Statements of the Narrow Minded – #Atozchallenge

I’ve been dealing with people for quite a while now but they still surprise me. The following are real statements of real people, and sometimes they make me wonder why I know these people in the first place.

  • I haven’t read the book but I know it is total filth.
  • Somebody who dresses like that cannot be a good parent.
  • I’m not racist but it’s a fact that crime went up in our neighbourhood since all these immigrants moved here.
  • Of course you’re not good at math – you’re a girl.
  • Of course you can’t cook – you’re a boy.
  • If you really want a job you can always find work.

To me, all these statements belong in the category of “My opinion is set, please don’t confuse me with facts.” Narrowminded, uneducated, unreflected and misinformed. Education is key, people. Read books, watch the news, read papers, talk to people* and THINK for yourself, for crying out loud!

*and I mean: talk to people who have a different opinion than you. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn to argue. In short: Get your shit together, mankind! Thank you.