Questions from a Bipolar Mother to Her Daughter – #Atozchallenge

down: Am I a bad mother? Am I a bad mother because I didn’t buy yoghurt? Tell me. Tell me I am a bad mother. I want to know the truth!

down: Why do you have to be so annoying? You must be the most annoying child anyone has ever seen. Why do I have to deal with you all by myself?

up: Shall I show you how to put makeup on? I want to go out tonight.

down: Why did you paint your nails? It’s not like anyone is going to look at you, you know.

up: Is it normal that my daughter doesn’t have a boyfriend yet? I don’t think it is, is it?

down: Will you promise me to never marry, so you can stay with me?

down: You rather want to go out for pizza with your friends than stay with me? Well, if you don’t need me anymore, how about you move to your father? But I cannot visit you there. Ever.

down: Why can’t you ever do anything right?

up: You know you’re the best thing that ever happened to me, right?

up: Did you know people thought we were sisters rather than mother and daughter? This is amazing!

down: Do you have to eat all the time? Do you want to get fat? I don’t want a daughter bigger than me!

up: Why do you never eat cake with me? I fancy cake, and eating alone is boring. I want at least three pieces, we could have it instead of lunch. And supper.