Pineapple – #Atozchallenge

Until a few years ago, I was allergic to fresh pineapple. Not like going into anaphylactic shock allergic but my tongue was very sensitive toward the bromelain, I suppose. So everytime I ate more than one slice of fresh pineapple, my tongue would swell up and it got itchy and hurt. A fact that came up at a dinner party once that was hosted in my very first boyfriends’ parents’ house. His mother offered me a little bowl with some pineapple pieces and cinnamon cream. “Thanks, but no”, I said, “I’m allergic. My tongue would end up looking like a raw steak.” Her husband used the opportunity to point out that “we then finally found a way to make you shut up.” Everybody snickered. I was not particularly amused.

Anyhow, I love pineapple. You cannot imagine how nice it is to be able eating fresh pineapple after years of settling for the canned stuff. Pineapple tastes so good, sweet but at the same time healthy. It gives a carribean feeling to eat pieces of pineapple, while sitting on a roof in the summer breeze, wearing shades.

But here is the deal, people: Pineapple does most definitely not belong on toast, pizza, ham or in pasta sauce. Not even the slices that have been stuffed into a can because otherwise they would’ve been destroyed deserve that. No. Just…no.

Fun fact: Everytime the Scotsman says pineapple, he actually means grapefruit.