Joking Is No Joke these days – #Atozchallenge

A more serious topic today: Do you remember this one time when Mr. Erdogan wanted to delete Twitter? Of course, back then everybody just smiled and waved. But now a German tv show went too far, and the staff of Mr. Erdogan noticed. The host of said show presented a ‘poem’ about Mr. Erdogan that was filled with filthy insults and fired up a discussion about what satire is allowed to do and what not – again. But from the beginning:

A few weeks ago, a different tv show, called “extra 3”, presented a quite genuinely funny song about Mr. Erdogan which made him freak out and wanting to sue the tv channel into banning the video and taking the whole format off air forever because he felt insulted. This was a ridiculous attempt and even our chancellor said this was not going to happen, since the presented song was satire, and we live in a democracy where freedom of speech (including making fun of all kinds of people) is one of the greatest values to have. Now, this other tv show, called “Neo Magazine Royale”, allegedly wanted to show us (and Mr. Erdogan and his advisors) what the difference is between satire and a proper insult by presenting an extremely filthy poem*. It backfired. Horribly. Mr. Erdogan is now trying to sue the tv show host who presented the poem on his show. And he might actually have a case. There is a law in Germany against (deliberately) insulting the ruler of a foreign country that finds itself having diplomatic relations to Germany.

This is the worst part. Had he just left the issue alone, everybody would have smiled and waved again. But he wanted to show off. I really don’t want him to get it in the neck but in my opinion he simply went too far. By all means, make fun of the leaders of various countries. But if you do so, be clever, be smart, be witty and whatever you do – don’t give them an actual reason for putting you into prison.

*And it was filthy. It contained lines about having sexual relationships with goats and sheep as well as lightheartedly mentioning child porn. I’m not proud of my country today, believe me…