Hyperuniversal – #atozchallenge

How the Scotsman explains the universe to me:

“You see Orion over there, right? About three months ago it was way over there on the left. Now it’s here, and half covered by these trees. Well, and you know the upper left hand of him which is Betelgeuse.”

Me: “Yes, the one that will disintegrate soon.”

“Exactly. So, Betelgeuse has a friend. It is very close to our planet and it rotates and produces gamma waves but because it rotates it won’t create a supernova but a hypernova.”

Me: “So hyper comes after super.”

“Oh yes, definitely. Okay, so…”

Me: “Wait, wait. When does ultra come?”


Me: “Well, there is super and there is hyper. Is ultra inbetween those two?”

“Eh, no, ultra is even after hyper.”

Me: “Okay,  go on.”

“Well, where was I? Anyhow, the English had it all sorted out and the universe was working just fine but then the French came along and fucked it up for everybody.”

Me: “I…am not sure that this is how it worked.”

“The important thing is you learned something today.”

Me: “Yes, I learned I should not light these scented candles anymore, they seem to cause brain damage.”