Facetiousness – #atozchallenge

Sober me who couldn’t sleep anymore just thought of a better title for last nights post (“Eloping” – because that is my favourite fantasy at the moment. The fantasy of me lying on a beach in Goa, holding a huge cocktail glass with a liquidated piece of rainbow and a funny straw in it while I am stroking a tiny pony has seized the thought of making out with Matt Smith. Well, kidnapped and killed it, basically. See, I’m even too overworked to have making-out-fantasies with The Doctor. This HAS to stop. NOW!) and I wondered if I should change it. But then again I thought that I could rather continue this “…no!”-thing through the next few letters and it would be like “F**k, no!”, “God, no!”, “Heeeell, no!”, “I can do this forever, you know.” “Jesus Christ, no!”, “Kudos to you for still following me!”

But then it occured to me that you guys would probably call me insane and just stop reading altogether, or – considering my luck – I would even get called out to he head mistress and be shooed out of this challenge AS THE.FIRST.PERSON.EVER. Besides, I am not quite sure if the word f**k, even when it’s censored in this fiendishly clever way, counts as adult content which you were supposed to point out before you started this whole thing. Maybe in my world ‘adult content’ has a different definition, I wouldn’t know, I don’t do adult stuff. Well, sometimes I do, if paying taxes counts.