Bus – #atozchallenge

When I was still living in the city, there was a bus and a tram every three to five minutes. You barely saw the same driver twice – not that I really cared who was driving, to be honest. It was easy for me and everybody else to hide in the crowd, nursing the anonymity. The probability to run into somebody I knew without actually having arranged a meeting was quite low. It was fantastic.

Now, when I tell people how small the village that we live in is, the common reaction is that I am ‘for sure exaggerating’. I am not.

Today, I had to take the bus to work because the subway tunnels connecting us to the next bigger city are getting fixed or something. The bus driver greeted every passenger personally and wished us all a good morning. When he stopped and people got off, he wished them a good day at work. So? He is a very friendly bus driver, you might think. He just enjoys his job. I wasn’t finished.

I’m guessing we’ve all seen people being asleep on public transport. I don’t know about you but I am never sure if I should wake them up, just in case they are going to miss their stop and this is going to ruin an important part of their day. But then I think they are grown-ups and responsible for their own lives. But then again I remember this one time I fell asleep on a train and went all the way to the final station, and then I was about 90 minutes from home with an invalid ticket in my pocket and I only had like five Euros cash on me and no debit card; so I ended up calling my ex-boyfriend, if he could pick me up because he was the only person I knew in the area at the time.

But let’s cut to the chase: There was this guy sleeping on the bus this morning, happily snoring away. In my mind I was already caught in my usual controversy of “waky waky- let them sleep”, when the bus came to a halt and the driver turned round, shouting: “George! Wake up, George! Time to go to work!” George, sound asleep just seconds ago, jumped out of his seat, grabbed his backpack and waved at the bus driver: “Thanks, Dimitri! Enjoy your day. See you tomorrow!” Dimitri smirked: “Don’t forget my coffee!” Need I say more about ‘our little town’?

This was a post for the #atozchallenge

(I’m not saying that I am Belle…)