Angst – #atozchallenge

A month ago:

A pep talk for my colleague .

“You are going to be fine. You can do this.”

“But what if they are going to laugh at me because I talk funny?”

“Nobody will laugh at you. They are all way too shy for that.”


“Oh come on, lighten up. Seriously, they are all eager to learn. So whatever you teach them, they will be grateful.”

“But what if they are going to be bored?”

“Just don’t be boring.”

“Shall I tell them beforehand that I am handicapped?”

“Don’t get me wrong here, but I think that’s obvious enough.”

“But what if…”

“Look, darling, we are not brain surgeons. If we make mistakes, nobody will die. The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t learn what you intended them to learn. And they probably won’t learn what you intended them to learn anyhow, because that’s called teaching, so just relax.”


“Listen! No more buts now, okay. Stop asking yourself if. Just go out there and do it. It’s the only way to find out if all your ifs and whats are true. True skill is not developed by thought alone. You have to DO it.”

And she did it. It was long and boring and painful for everybody. But she learned something, and the students did as well.

This was a post for the #atozchallenge.