Drunk Posts #2 – Why isn’t there more Interactive Cinema?

I almost wrote this the day after my first “drunk post” but then I thought people will come to the conclusion that I have a drinking problem. Which I clearly don’t have. It’s a habit, not a problem. Harhar!

No, seriously. For some reason, the Scotsman and I got to talk about the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And I remembered that my mum used to have the cd with the soundtrack on, and she listened to it loads of times. But I could not put it into context because I had never seen the movie or the live show. Until one summer I started working in this open air cinema, and they actually showed the movie on my night off.

I told my boyfriend at the time (who was a film nutter back then and is now an Emmy Award winner for some of the special effects on Game of Thrones, which he would never have become if I hadn’t broken up with him…you are welcome, world!) that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was running, and the dialogue after that must have been somewhat like this:

Him: “We should take a toilet roll with us.”

Me: “They have toilet rolls in the loo at the cinema, trust me.”

Him: “No, silly, to throw it to the front.”

Me: “Why would you throw toilet paper at a movie screen? Is it that bad? Are there no words for how shit it is, so you have to throw some bogroll?”

Him (slightly puzzled): “Have you ever actually seen the movie?”

Me: “No, I only know the songs from my mum’s cd.”

Him: “Oh, honey, you’re in for a treat! Pack up the newspaper and some rice!”

And a treat it was indeed. I had never that much fun watching a movie ever again. Eventhough the operators of the cinema, who were technically my bosses, gave everybody a broom or a little shovel to clean up all the mess afterwards. Fa-bu-lous!

So, why isn’t there more Interactive Cinema happening? And, no, yelling awkward things during a movie does not count.