Illustration Friday – Raymond Honeyman

Todays post is about a former colleague and friend of my Scotsman. Raymond Honeyman is, according to the Scotsman, the walking definition of a gentleman. Plus, he has one of the best jobs ever: Making nice things. Plus, how can you NOT be a designer with a name like that? (And yes, for all we know, this is his real name.) Mr. Honeyman is a tapestry designer, and one of a kind, too. He does all his designs by hand, with a real paintbrush on real paper. He grows his designs on paper. So, he doesn’t paint a design and then lays a matrix over it, like many designers do. But he rather starts working on the empty matrix and fills it with beautiful shapes and colours. Very pleasing to look at, in my opinion. So what happens is that not only the finished pillows and tapestries etc. look very nice, but the designs look wonderful as paintings as well.

The Scotsman is still very fond of him, and he is trying to reach out. I’ll let you know how this is going to turn out.

And now, meet the master: