Illustration Friday – GYURICZA GERGELY reloaded

I’ve already featured Gyuricza Gergely on this blog some time ago. But there is a reason why I am posting about him again. I have won one of his paintings!


Mother Nature, part of the 613 initiative. Painted by Gyuricza Gergely;

Yay! And you can, too. How, I hear you ask? It is very easy. Go on his facebook page, see if you like the painting that is currently out to be won. If you do like it, share it in your timeline and he might randomly pick your name (perhaps out of his famous hat) and then it will come to your house! It is a project of his called the “613 initiative”. Look him up on facebook or youtube or google him. He is even greater now, you can watch him grow as an artist. And he is fabulously nice as well.