Beautiful Stories Behind Beautiful Songs – Lorenzo by Phil Collins

When I was a teenager, my mother bought the album Dance Into The Light by Phil Collins. On this album was a song called Lorenzo, which she played over and over. She loved the lyrics, the drums, the soft yelling inbetween lines. Neither her nor me knew what the song was really  about, there was no Google around at the time – hard enough to believe these days, isn’t it?
But one day, the movie Lorenzo’s Oil was on television, and we watched it. Now, knowing the lyrics of the song by heart after playing it over and over, my mother said “This must be the story that inspired Phil Collins to write that song called Lorenzo.” And sure enough it is. She got the booklet out of the cd case while the movie was still running on tv, and she said “Look at that, the mothers name, Michaela Odone, is actually in the credits for writing the song!”

So, apparently Lorenzos mother wrote the song lyrics together with her son and they are about the time when he was diagnosed with ALD. Mr. Collins provided the musical execution of the piece which turned out to be wonderful, though heart wrenching, when you know how it came into existence.

Lorenzo Odone died in 2008, after being told he would not be alive to see the 90s.