Morning Routines


image by taesmileland/

A couple days ago, I was told that the average German person spends about 5 hours a week in the bathroom. This is 45 minutes a day.  Just for looks – so, not included in these 45 minutes is the time one spends sitting on the toilet, brushing teeth or even cleaning the bathroom.

If you shake your head while reading this and you are thinking “Oh, those funny Germans, so vain”, be aware. The average US-American spends 5 hours and 15 minutes a week in the bathroom, also just to get ready, only topped by the average Italian who invests 5 hours and 30 minutes a week.

The top 3 reasons for this long time spent in the black box of style and comfort are:

  • “to make myself feel good”
  • “to please my partner”
  • “to impress people I meet for the first time”

I seem not to be the average German person, I simply don’t have time for this kind of bull. My morning routine consists of rolling out of bed and regretting this immediately ’cause the weather is shit; jumping into the shower while the Scotsman is already up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, making coffee; having a cup of coffee while I am trying to apply some mascara without putting my eye out. Get dressed, and off you go, Mary!*

And even IF I am painting on a complete face in the morning because I have an important meeting or presentation at work, it doesn’t take me more than eight minutes. Seriously, we timed it once because the Scotsman wanted to leave the house on time, and gave me “exactly 3 more minutes before I have to drag you out, no matter, if you only have half a face on!”

From my perspective, it is simply not worth all this time. Especially not in the mornings. I’d rather read the news, do a quick drawing and talk to my man before he is out the door than spending over 20 minutes applying something to my face that I have to rub off again twelve hours later.

Do YOU spend 45 minutes or more per day in the bathroom just to do your hair, shave your legs/face and put on make up/whatever the equivalent for men is?

*Eventually coming back, because I forgot my umbrella, cussing because now I have to walk really fast to get the train…