No Money, No Art?

One of the first things one of my better art teachers taught me was that you don’t need the most expensive supplies to make good art:

“You know, I see these kids come here, with their fancy paint brushes and their overpriced pastels and they still paint shit. And then, other boys and girls just enjoy the experience of creating something, and they don’t care what materials and supplies they use. And they make beautiful things, because they pay attention to detail, to technique…they are not scared to waste money because they barely spent any on the paint and the brushes. If using costly things scares you of making mistakes, it will scare you off of making art. Use cheap stuff and you can experiment all you want. Waste your art supplies!”

My parents almost never had money to spare. They were very young people, barely earning enough to make ends meet. And I was a child who loved to paint and craft. Because of this combination, I learned quite early ‘to make something out of nothing’. This also involved making my own art supplies. Which I continue to do to this day, even though the supplies got ridiculously cheap (Dollar store, is all I’m saying) and I earn my own money now. It is just fun to be a bit frugal, isn’t it?

The stamps I am showing you here are not the sharpest and best, but for a quick jazz up they do the trick. (I used some of mine to decorate Christmas cards and cookie bags.) And they are so easy to make. All I needed for those was some wine corks or some cardboard as a base and some foam rubber to make the shapes. And because I couldn’t get enough, I also used some old tokens from a checkers game that went out the window some time ago.

Have fun making your own, and if you do so, I would love to see them! Waste your art supplies!