Easy Art

I found a new way of relaxing whilst being productive. When I was still sharing a house with three other people, I just used to cook and bake a lot because everything I produced in the kitchen would most definitely get eaten. But since the Scotsman doesn’t eat sweets and cooking is HIS tool of relaxation (his only one, I might add), and I cannot take a cake to the office every week, I started drawing flowery shapes and swirls. Like this:


It is really easy, all you need is a piece of paper and a fineliner the colour you like. I just find that it calms me to put all these different shapes together. To change between generous strokes and tiny dots. And mistakes don’t exist. I cannot draw a wrong line, the shapes are very forgiving. And when you produced a few, they make a nice gift as well, either in plain black and white or coloured in and framed nicely. I also thought of presenting one with a small pack of coloured pencils, like a starter kit for colouring.


This picture doesn’t show the finished drawing. I added some more smaller flowers and a lot more swirly parts. Hooray for swirls!