I’m making presents! (Part One)

This is my first pre-Christmas with money AND time on my hands to get serious, picked-with-love Christmas presents for the people I luurrrrve. And trust me, my beloved people who are reading my nonsense, I DID spend money. But as you now know, I also like making stuff. I like it very much indeed. So I decided to produce a few things myself afterall.

I started off with a calendar for 2016 for my mum. Here are a few pages to give you an example. I didn’t stick with one style throughout the whole calendar because it wouldn’t fit my mothers personality.

DSC_0241 DSC_0245 DSC_0242

My former house mates as well as my dad and his wife are getting calendars, too. I haven’t started on them yet but I will show you some of the pages as soon as I get round to more craftiness.

Next up was a music box for my brother:


I am not quite sure if he is getting the same excellent lessons about rock music as I did when I was his age (he is 13 now), so I decided to take matters into my own hands and put together a collection of 25 oldschool rock songs. They now sit on a USB flash drive in this hand decorated “music box”. I kind of liked the idea of the 21st century technology combined with the ‘classic’ design.

Then I decided to make some christmas cards as well. Or shall I say, pimp some cards I made many years ago? This one used to be just some mint coloured carton that I’ve found somewhere in my mothers attic in 1998, maybe? Back in the day, I slapped a sticker and some glitter glue on it and thought I was done. Yesterday I pulled it out of a huge stack of cards and spiced it up a bit, using a scalpel, some gold pen and washi tape. Ladles and Jelly beans, I give you ze result:

DSC_0226 DSC_0227 DSC_0228 DSC_0229

And, last but not least, the advent calendar for my mother. I used to have 24 little cloth bags for that but somehow they must have disappeared during the move or so. So I bought two packs of matchboxes on amazon and decorated them.

Here is a little collection:


I very much enjoyed making all these little things, and maybe you got some inspiration for your own presents.

There is more to come – chocolate on a stick, home baked cookies and moaaar calendars is all I’m saying for now.

So long! xo xo