Kitchen things

Hello my beautiful sausage rolls!

I haven’t been here for a while. This has mostly to do with work, because I have loads of that happening. Most days, I am just happy to grab a meal in the evening, have a shower and roll into bed. Sorry about that.

So, today the Scotsman and I have been to the weekly flea market (yes, we have a weekly one happening…) and we were looking for ‘random things’, as we like to call them. Usually this term refers to stuff you can use in the kitchen. Because the Scotsman is very accomplished in breaking plates and cups and wine glasses, we switched to buying these items at flea markets. Today he did brilliantly. Because he spottet this:


The Scotsman: “I was actually looking for a pan, and I thought ‘Ooh, brilliant, a cast iron pan, and then I realized it was a bloody clock.”

Me: “We’re having that.”

The Scotsman: “Seriously?”

Me (to the vender): “How much for that pan-clock, please?”

She: “8 Euros.”

Me: “We are so having that!”

And now we have it. In the kitchen. We have a clock made out of a cast iron pan in the kitchen. Yay!

And my new pan-clock told me that I needed about 2 hours to make my first carved halloween-ish pumpkin evaarrr.