Leaving marks – Am I an artist?

Am I an artist? I have no idea. I like art. I like perceiving art. I like to make things that might be considered art. But am I an artist? I don’t have an answer to that question. I only know that I’ve given pieces I made to people who enjoyed them and hopefully still are enjoying them: Handmade greeting cards that made it into holiday-themed scrapbooks. Small, delicate pieces of jewellery that are worn on special occasions; big canvas paintings and tiny water colourings that are decorating living rooms. Photographs that are nicely framed, standing on someone’s mantle piece; a crocheted scarf that is worn by a (former) friend during the cold winter months. I made artwork or “crafty stuff”, as you might call it, and gave it to people I knew at the time, mostly because I couldn’t afford to buy them ‘proper’ presents. And I like to think that they still have them, and when some visitor points at them, they’ll say: “Oh yes, there was this girl I knew, she made that for me.”

I don’t know if I am an artist, but I like to think that I left marks in the lives of people, not only by giving them art but by being who I am, by giving them advice, by talking to them, by listening…

I think this is the important bit. Not being labelled but being a human being that is involved into other people’s lives and improving them. Even when it’s “just through art”.