Bruges – Venice of the North

A while ago now, the Scotsman and I had a short holiday in Bruges…Brugge…Brügge. You know, the city with all the canals that is not Venice. It was magnifique! We ate and bought original Belgian chocolate, I had a Belgian waffle…the best waffle one can imagine, with cherries and cream. Mmmmmhhh… And of course we had friets – French fries. We wanted to eat “moules friet” but since May was most definitely not a month with “r”, it would have been vastly expensive to eat mussels because they are out of season at the moment. We must have at least been drinking 10 different kinds of beer, and it was astonishing for us to see that every brewery has its own glass as well. Hundreds of different shapes and logos, designing beer glasses must be a popular profession in Belgium.

We didn’t go up Belfry, although it might have been a good workout for both of us. We went to the chocolate museum instead which was packed with facts about cacao. It was fascinating to see how much work there was involved to make a cup of cacauatl and how it developed into the easy put a spoonful of Nesquick in a cup of milk and stir. And of course we went on a little boat tour on the canals, all the way to the Lake of Love with the famous swans of Bruges.