Going Public

So, the Scotsman and I moved to a new town. For the job, of course. Well, for my job to be exact. My days as a freelance are over (for now) and I am in the trot of the normal working person. We moved from a city that we both knew quite well to a town that we don’t know at all. I never ever imagined I would say that one day but: I actually miss Darmstadt. It is still THE ugliest city I ever lived in but it was my city, in a way. I worked in so many different jobs during the twelve years I’ve been living there, I grew as a person, I made new friends, I was struggling to make a living, I argued, I moved in with people and out again, I found love a few times, I got my university degree there…*sigh sigh* – I think I lost track here.

What I actually wanted to write about was that in a few months, a years time max, we’ll have to move again. For the job, of course. Well, for the Scotsman’s job to be exact. Who would have thought? Certainly not us! We’ve just been through all this trouble and hassle, and now we have to do it AGAIN! What I noticed, though, when we moved here was that I have SO many books. I own about a tenth of the books I’ve ever read but it’s still an amount, which you realize especially when you have to carry the bloody boxes filled with those suckers. So, I decided to get a library card. Woooow, you may think now. All this prologue and fuss about a library card. But hear me out: Getting a card for the local public library is my very own way of saying: Yes, I can imagine this place being my home now. I remember having a card to the public library in my birth town (I think I still got it somewhere), strolling around between the overflowing shelves after school, at least once a week, discovering classics without knowing that they were classics. Picking up a book here and there, reading a few lines, putting it back again. Finding the one book I was going to take with me for two weeks and then read it in bed before going to sleep. I practically ate books, munching away the words and sentences. Sometimes up to ten, even fifteen books a month.

Bottom line is, I own this many books because for the first two to three years(!) after I’ve moved to Darmstadt, I couldn’t feel at home, no matter what I did. The only thing that always made me feel better about new and not yet familiar places was reading. But I couldn’t be bothered back then with dead lines for my reading experience (plus, in my humble opinion the library was quite ugly and not very well stocked for a city that size), so I bought all the books I wanted to read. I spent hours in thrift shops and on flea markets to find great books for little money. It always was a bit like bringing home new friends. But does it really make sense to get a library card now, when you already know that you have to move again? you may ask. Well, to me it does. First of all, it might be a whole year until we move, we don’t know yet. Secondly, it makes more sense than buying more books and then having to take them with us when we move. (Oh, all the weight! My back!…)

Couldn’t you get ebooks?


What is your favourite choice? Buying books, going to the library or…ebooks? Or do you mix and match, depending on the book or the occasion?